How to Add/Remove Users from a Custom Faculty Feed

1. Locate the faculty_feeds folder in the Cascade navigation.


2. Select the feed you would like to edit.

3. Select the Edit button   on the top right of the page.

4. Edit the Feed URL to either remove or add a faculty member using the following guidelines:


To Add a Faculty Member:

The Feed URL should begin with: “” as shown below.

The URL is of the following form: user2&faculty=user3(…)

To add a user to a feed, edit the link to include “&faculty=username”. It is proper form for the list to be in alphabetical order in accordance with the last name of the user.


Note: The first member appended to the list does not have to be preceded by the ampersand symbol (&). “faculty=username” and “&faculty=username”

To Remove a Faculty Member:

Locate the username of the member you wish to remove from the feed. Remove the “&faculty=username” from the Feed URL.

Note: If the member you wish to remove from the feed is the first member listed in the link, remove “faculty=username” from the Feed URL.