Adding External Links

You are able to have external links appear in your site’s navigation — this means you can have a link in your navigation to a page in another department’s web space or to a non-Wesleyan website.

  • In your site’s dashboard in Cascade select the folder in which you want the external link to appear.
    • If you want the link to appear on your home page, select the Base Folder.
  • In the Add Content tab>> “External Link”.
  • A window will pop up to fill out information
    • Fill in the “Link Name”. It should be something short but identifiable for your external link, the same way you would name a normal page.
    • Paste the url of  the External Link you want this to link to in the “Link” field. (*Note: Make sure the http:// is included in the link)
  • Select the Metadata tab.
    • Fill in the “Display Name” — this is what appears in the navigation
  • Hit “Save & Preview” and then the “Submit” button.