Cascade (WebCMS)

There are 200+ Wesleyan websites currently maintained by our Web Content Management System (CMS), Cascade.

Cascade Accessibility Tips

The basic concept of web accessibility is to be sure that your website follows proper standards which will make it easier for all of your site visitors to understand and navigate your web content.  The following page has tips to keep your web pages accessible.

Basic Template

Starting in Spring 2021 we began transitioning Cascade websites to use the new Basic Template.

Cascade uses templates for creating pages and our original setup of cascade used a separate template for each page layout (for example: Second Level Page, Second Level Page – faq, Second Level Page – stafflist….)

The Basic Template contains multiple components (layouts), so there is no longer a need to use a separate template for each type of webpage. With the Basic Template you can create a typical content page or you can create a page with an opening paragraph, an faq and a video.

  • Components can be used in any order
  • Components can be used multiple times.
  • Each component is added to the page by adding a new row and selecting the type of component.
  • To add a row:
    • press the green plus sign to the right of the Row section
    • use the radio buttons to select the component
    • the edit area will automatically populate with the fields needed for the selected component

The Basic Template contains the following components:

Using Cascade



Changing/Updating the Navigation




Cleaning up Your site

Special Types of Pages

Site Specific Component Documentation