Deleting Orphan Pages

Sometimes in the process of editing your cascade website you delete a page from cascade but it does not delete from the server.  We refer to these pages left on the server as “orphan pages”.

You generally find these pages through a search — the page comes up through search results and you can see it through your browser, but you do not have a page with that name in cascade.

The following are instructions for deleting an orphan page:

  •  make a page with the same name
    • if the page has the url
      • highlight the Base Folder (in this case it’s Financial Aid)
      • make a page in the Base Folder called mypage

      • Make sure to fully submit page by hitting the Submit button 
    • if the page has the url
      • highlight the about folder
      • create a page in the about folder called mypage
  • to create a new page you generally go to Add Content>> Second Level Page
  • you don’t need any data/content
  • you don’t need any meta data
  • just submit the page — creating an empty page with no content
  • To unpublish the page, right click the page and select “Unpublished” from the dropdown menu
  • Make sure the output and all the destination boxes are checked and click Submit
  • this will remove the page from the server
  • check to be sure the page was removed from the server
    • using browser go to the url of the orphan page
    • be sure you get “page not found”
  • delete the page you just made in cascade
    • highlight the page you created
    • Right click >>Delete
    • submit the delete

You can eliminate this problem of Orphan pages by checking the “Unpublish on Move/Delete” box in your settings.

Instructions on how to access your settings here.