Inserting Anchor Tags

Anchor tags allow you to link to a different part of the page from the same page. An instance in which these links would be helpful is if there is a page divided into many sections. A list of these sections can be listed at the top of the page, with anchor tags added to each section heading, linking to the start of the section. Anchor tags are inserted similarly to hyperlinks, but with an extra step.

First, for the section that you want to link to, click the “Anchor” icon that as indicated.

In the highlighted “ID” field, add a unique id which refers to the section that you are linking to. For example, if you wish to add an anchor to a “contact” section, a good anchor name would be “contact-anchor”

Click the “add hyperlink” icon as indicated, and in the popup that appears you should put the relevant anchor id for the link you wish to create. That is, for our previous example, assume we want a link at the top of the page that, when clicked, will bring the user directly to the contact section. Once the ID for the anchor has been created, we will add a link to the anchor from the top of the page by entering “contact-anchor” in the “anchor” field of the hyperlink popup. In the image below, we have done just that, and the link to the contact section will appear with the text “contact info”