Setting Up Site Navigation

For all folders/pages that you’d like to appear in the navigation sidebar, make sure that “include when indexing” is selected for the page.

To check this:

  • right-click on the item that you wish to include/exclude from the navigation
  • click “edit”
  • Navigate to “Configure” from the pop-up that appears
  • Make sure both “include when indexing” and “include when publishing” are checked.
    • If “indexing” is checked, the page will appear in the sidebar. If it is not checked, the page will not appear in the navigation sidebar.
    • If “publish” is checked, the next time the site is published the changes will appear. If not, then it will not.
  • Navigate to “Metadata”from the pop-up that appears.
  • There are two main fields in the metadata that you should edit
    • Display name: what shows up in the navigation bar, if indexed
      • if this is empty an indexed page will not appear in the navigation
    • Title: what shows up in the cascade sidebar