What’s New in Cascade 8

Cascade 8 works basically the same as past versions of cascade,  but it looks very different!  Here are are a few things to know to help you get started…

1. Finding Your Web pages

When you first login to Cascade you will not see your own web pages and files — your first page is your dashboard.

To get to your list of web pages and files you can:

  • select your website  from the Site dropdown menu at the top of the screen
    — or —
  • use the My Sites widget on your Dashboard

2. Changing the Way File Names are Listed

By default Cascade 8 lists your web pages by Title ( information you set in the metadata) — but you can change your settings to list your pages by the system name (or URL)

To make the change:

  • On the right of the Dashboard Tool bar locate a circle with your initial
  • click the downward arrow to it’s right
  • Select Settings to get to the settings screen
  • uncheck the box for Appearance of Asset Links
  • Submit your changes


3. Saving Your Edits

Saving your edits to the database is now a two step process.

  1. use the Save & Preview button to save your edits into a Draft copy of the file to preview
  2. if the preview looks correct you have 2 ways to submit
    1. press the Click Submit in the green outlined box that appears on the bottom of the screen (it disappears quickly)

      — or —
    2. press the blue submit button on the top of the page
  3. If you do not Submit the page, your edits are save as a Draft
  4. The next time you edit the page that has un-submitted changes you will see a dropdown next to the filename.  From the dropdown you can choose to edit the current page or the draft .
  5. If you decide to edit the current page you will see a warning message  — and you will lose the previous edits saved in the draft

4. Adding New Pages & other Content to Your Website

In Cascade 8 the tools to help you add new pages, links, files… are found under: Add Content.
The Add Content menu replaces the old New menu.