Deleting Orphan Pages

Sometimes in the process of editing your cascade website you delete a page from cascade but it does not delete from the server.  We refer to these pages left on the server as “orphan pages”.

You generally find these pages through a search — the page comes up through search results and you can see it through your browser, but you do not have a page with that name in cascade.

The following are instructions for deleting an orphan page:

  1.  make a page with the same name
    1. if the page has the url
      1. highlight the Base Folder ( this example is using Financial Aid)
      2. make a page in the Base Folder called mypage

      3. Press the “Preview Draft” button (don’t worry about how it looks — you just need a file named the same as the orphan page)
      4. Press the “Submit” button   to save your changes to the database.
    2. if the page has the url
      1. highlight the about folder
      2. create a page in the about folder called mypage
      3. to create a new page you generally go to Add Content>> New Page

        1. you don’t need any data/content
        2. you don’t need any meta data
        3.  submit the page — creating an empty page with no content 
  2. Unpublish the page,
    1. right click the page and select “Unpublished” from the dropdown menu
    2. click Submit
  3. check to be sure the page was removed from the server
    • using browser go to the url of the orphan page
    • be sure you get “page not found”
  4. delete the page you just made in cascade
      • highlight the page you created
      • Right click >>Delete
      • submit the delete