Homepage — site-wide alert

Use: A site-wide alert will be displayed above the university navigation.  The alert box is yellow and can contain text and a link to more information.  The activation of this box and the editing of its content are done through Cascade.

Requirements: This alert component can be used when all computer systems are up and running.
If there is no access to Cascade the site-wide message can still be set by someone in the Unix group (see below)

Adding a site-wide alert message.

site-wide-alert location

  • press Edit  
  • you will see the data definition allowing for data input
  • enter the Message
    • you have access to the GUI for formatting
    • it would be best to limit yourself to bold, italics and links
    • The message should be informative but short
    • You can include a link to another page with more information
      • We have used the Alerts page in the past
        • In the Home web area is a folder called alert
        • Use the index page to put the information
        • You can change the Useful Information phone numbers by editing left-sidebar block in the same folder
        • Publish the index page whenever a change is made
        • The url is https://www.wesleyan.edu/alert
  • when you are ready to put the message into production check the Enable Alert Yes box
  • Press the “Preview Draft” button  — if the draft looks good in Cascade press the “Submit” button  to save your changes to the database.
  • There is not a way to preview your changes


  • submitting your changes will Initiate the Workflow
  • you will see the Start Workflow screen
  • Submit the workflow by clicking the Start Workflow button in top right corner 
  • You need to approve the workflow
  • Click on the Approve link in the lower left (item under Available Actions)
  • you don’t need to enter any comments – you already added them in the edit comments
  • submit the comments page to kick off the workflow
  • you will see a page that says “Workflow Completed” at the top of the page to let you know the workflow was approved and is now running
  • all Cascade pages that include the menu will be published