Using a Faculty Feed with Individual Usernames

  • A special faculty feed allows you to customize the faculty list using individual usernames. (You will have to request this template). You are able to customize the organization of presented faculty members by creating multiple concentrations/teams/areas. For example, the Educational Studies Department is sectioned on their faculty page into two groups, the Supervising Faculty and the Advisory Board.

  • In the ‘Name’ section underneath the first group, write the name of the section/group.
  • Underneath the ‘People’ tab where ‘User Name’ is stated, write the specific username of the faculty member you wish to list. If the username of that member is unknown, it is best to ask instead of guessing.

  • If there is more than one person within that group, another username can be added by clicking the ‘+’ symbol above the username just written.

  • If there are multiple groups to be created, simply click the ‘+’ symbol to the right of the Group tab.

  • Click ‘Preview Draft’ at the top right of the pop out page and then click ‘Submit’ on top right corner of the preview page.

  • Please note that as the system is automated and retrieves information on the faculty members to place on the page from an outside source, you will not be able to see the full page when previewed. You will probably see a yellow block. To see the page fully, go to its URL when it is published to the Wesleyan website.