Splash Page Images and Numbers

The Splash Pages are webpages that live in Admission.  There is an individual page for each major, minor and certificate.  They are owned and written by University Communications.  Their purpose is to showcase the academic area to prospective students.  Each page is built using the same template so that a prospective student can explore multiple majors in a similar layout.


Each page has one iconic image across the top.

All images are stored in Cascade in Admission: images>banners>splashpages
The naming convention is to use the 4 character wesmaps code for the academic are to group the photos together.

4chars.jpg — 1200 x 457
4chars-sm.jpg — 605 x 189


Each page displays the number of faculty in the department and the number of students majoring in the academic area.  These numbers give a prospective student an idea of the size of the department and the faculty: student ratio.

This is a number found by adding up members of the department from the departmental faculty page.
Add up the Chair, Faculty and Visitors
— do not include the Affiliated faculty or the Emeriti faculty

These numbers are found on the Majors Report which are stored on the Registrar’s Office website
— Use the latest Fall report
— These numbers include Jr & Sr majors — not  Sophomores — (except in majors like CSS where Sophomores are counted)
— Reports are currently stored here: https://www.wesleyan.edu/registrar/majors_information/major-reports.html