Cascade (WebCMS)

There are more than 250 Wesleyan websites currently maintained by our Web Content Management System (CMS), Cascade.  Beginning in 2009, Wesleyan University migrated all websites under the university domain to the Cascade CMS to offer a sustainable solution for maintenance, updating and training to our decentralized website owners and editors.

Cascade Accessibility Tips

The basic concept of web accessibility is to be sure that your website follows proper standards which will make it easier for all of your site visitors to understand and navigate your web content.  The following page has tips to keep your web pages accessible.

Cascade Upgrade 2019

On June 25, 2019 Cascade will be upgraded to 8.12. The main change that will be noticed by users is the “Save & Preview” button is now the “Preview Draft” button.

Cascade Upgrade 2018

In January 2018 Cascade was upgraded to Cascade 8.  This new version of Cascade has a new user interface — so while the functionality of Cascade is basically the same, the look and feel is completely different!

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Cleaning up Your site

Special Types of Pages


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